Monday, October 24, 2005

Standing Zone O thread

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Blogger parinella said...

Edward Lee asked:
Why so harsh on the 3-handler zone O? It's not as if the handlers need to be tethered to the sidelines, dumping and swinging the disc to and fro until the law of averages forces a turnover.
I guess it's just one of those things that I am taking personally. Failing to switch onto an open cutter going deep used to be that way, too, that I would just get angry if I was watching a game and saw it happen. Another current source of disdain is when a receiver catches the disc and lands on a line, either goal line or sideline. without a defender breathing down his neck.

I guess what all of these have in common is that they don't require any great athletic skill and that just a little bit of thought and awareness would remedy the situation. And I know how to do these things well.

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Blogger Nick M said...

i am leading a team of jr high guys against a team of 11th/12th grade guys in ultimate this sunday. i need strategy help!

obviously, they are bigger, faster, and stronger. thing is, my guys are well practiced and know how to make throws and catches and defend, even though only on a basic level. But they are more into it than the senior high guys.

Compared to all of these kids, i am very experienced and good, (I’m 25,) so i think we can win. my plan is for us to be stifling on defense and force poor throws and patient on offense and not get lazy about cuts.

any thoughts!?!?
email me at

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